Laugh Benefit Equal to Exercise

Laugh for the health properties have no doubt. Laughter is known to relieve pain and reduce stress, strengthen social ties and enhance the immune system response.

Recent research has shown that laughter can actually be a form of exercise. Some findings regarding gelotology, branch of science that studies about the laughs, shows that laughter can produce some positive effects are the same as exercising.

In one study, researchers asked 300 volunteers to watch a sad movie video titled 'Saving Private Ryan' and comedy. The findings suggest that an increase in 30-40 percent of the diameter of the coronary arteries while watching funny than when watching a movie thriller.

Dilation of blood vessels that occurs is similar to that experienced by the body when undergoing exercise. When berolaharga and laughing, there was a variety of important processes that help the body regulate blood flow and reduce inflammation.

"Previous studies have shown that mental stress causes blood vessels to constrict," said researcher Dr. Michael Miller, Professor of Medicine of the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

When study participants watched a sad movie, blood in response unhealthy called vasoconstriction and reduced blood flow. This finding confirms previous studies showing no link between stress and the narrowing of blood vessels. But after watching a funny movie, lining the blood vessels expand.

Currently, there is a type of yoga also incorporates elements of laughter, which combines laughter with breathing techniques. This method is increasingly popular and much demand. Nevertheless, laughing still can not be categorized as a sport. Other studies have shown that exercise should be done seriously to see the real effect on the muscle.

In order to maintain health, do regular cardio exercise for 30 minutes 4-5 times per week. But do not forget to keep laughing. Research shows that laughter can be an effective closer with strangers and make new friends. And increasing social support adds meaning friend who proved to improve health.


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