Sugar Not Make Children Become Hyperactive

During this time it was thought that a lot of sweet foods or sugar can make children become hyperactive. But it was such an assumption is wrong and there is no relationship between sugar with hyperactivity.

Pediatricians and nutritionists’ reveals that there has been no scientific evidence that sugar can make children become hyperactive.

"There are no studies showing that sugar in the diet can make the children become too active or to make a deficit of attention," said Dr. Kleinman, professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School in Boston, as quoted from Health.Ninemsn.

In all studies conducted over many years there are no results that show that sugar can cause children to become hyperactive. Hence Dr Kelinman said that sugar is not the culprit but there is a possibility that affect the environment.

"If parents bring a child into a quiet place such as a place of worship the children will sit quietly, but if taken to a crowded place like the park will make it more active. This shows that the environment and affect the child's activity," he said.

Sugar in a certain amount can provide health benefits for a child one of which is to help provide peace for the child, and gave him the energy to do the activity.

Eating sugar is known to increase the energy in the short term on everyone, but this condition is not the same with hyperactivity or become hyperactive.

Still does not mean the kids should eat sugar-free, because eating too much sugar can increase the risk of tooth decay and obesity. In addition, parents can begin to familiarize your child not to eat too much sugar in her diet.

Meanwhile in a separate study found that the synthetic food dyes are known to cause children to become hyperactive, especially in children who had been diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder.


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