Afternoon Sleep Really Make You Fat?

Many people are afraid to take a nap because it is considered as a trigger weight gain. Really quick nap make people fat?

This assumption is related to the habits of people who take a nap after lunch. There is a myth put calories after lunch will accumulate into fat if you take a nap.

But it turns out so far investigators have not found an association of obesity with a nap. What is clear is that long siesta habit is to make the body does not move, so calories are burned a little.

To note, according to a family health doctor from Virginia, as reported by Kristie Leong MD HealthMad, the duration should not nap longer than 30 minutes.

Nap too long, or more than 30 minutes result will actually make feel sleepy all day. So do not moving the body so that calories in the body so it does not burn.

Instead according to Dr. Leong, a nap in a short duration (30 minutes) actually has many benefits. One of them replaces the less sleep at night for those who often work overtime, although certainly not as good quality sleep at night.

Napping does not mean increasing sleep time, a significant amount of overall sleep in one day is still within reasonable limits, i.e. 6-7 hours a day for adults.

Napping in the short duration also helps keep the stress hormone cortisol levels, so that the mind will be more refreshed upon awakening. With low levels of stress actually good for preventing weight gain.

Proper nap will also make the digestive system gets enough blood supply than when active.

But take a nap should not be done immediately after lunch but the wait 1-2 hours. Nap immediately after eating even so diseases such as digestive disorders including gastric acid reflux.

As for patients with gastric acid reflux, take a nap immediately after eating will make his condition worse. Horizontal body position when lying down to make gastric acid easily turned toward the mouth, and then trigger pain in the chest and larynx.

In addition, people whose jobs require extra vigilance is also not recommended height for a nap after eating. Nap with a full stomach to some extent will reduce the level of alertness after waking.


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Possibly the worst written article I've ever read.

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Its very annoying to read articles which have so many grammatical errors..

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It is not the grammar but the content that's a good article..insightful:)

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The author probably has English as a second language. The pattern seems similar to how other languages structure their sentences. This is still a decent article and I don't think the author should be judged so harshly for trying.

danial pual said...

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