Condition The House is Right for Child Allergies

Allergies often occur in children especially when their immune low. But despite having allergies does not mean children cannot live healthy, one with respect to housing conditions.

Allergy comes from the Greek, namely Allon argon, which means a different reaction or deviate from normal to various stimuli or substances from outside the body such as to food, dust and mites, animals, drugs, smoke cigarettes and so forth.

Three main things to be done for children who are allergic to stay healthy and normal life, namely:

  1.  Avoiding triggers and improves the environment
  2. Seeking medical help
  3. Immunological therapy

 Besides the most common child food allergy dust and damp air. But by cleaning the house and keep the goods can be allergen, and then it does not matter.

Here are some ways to stay healthy child despite suffering from allergies:
  1. Replace table cloths, curtains, sarongs chairs and other equipment with a material that is easily cleaned.
  2. Limit your house decoration as little as possible or choose an easy to clean.
  3. Do not carry a piece or arrangement of flowers into the house, because pollen can trigger allergies.
  1. Do not use carpet, better use floor tiles or wood flooring.
  2. If you want to use the carpet, then select a short-haired and frequently cleaned. However, advisable not to use carpet.
  1. Use pillow and mattress made from Dacron spring bed (not cotton)
  2. Pillow cases and sheets are easily washed cotton
  3. Wash your pillowcases, blankets, and sheets regularly use detergent and warm water
  4. Try to be washed clean as possible without leaving detergent on the material
  5. Keep the bedroom to get sunlight or humidity less than 50, due to house dust mites and mold it difficult to grow in the area.
  1. Avoid mushrooms with the emergence of cleaning the shower curtain
  2. Use good ventilation for aeration in the room
  3. Dry the damp areas in the room.
  1. Easily arise because of the atmosphere moist mushrooms
  2. Clean shower curtains
  3. Use good ventilation for aeration in the room
  4. Dry the damp areas in the room
  5. Refrigerator must be cleaned frequently.


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