When is the Right Time to Eat Fruit, Before or After Eating?

Fruits are rich in fiber and vitamins. But not many people know when to eat fruit right time, before or after dinner?

There are so many benefits gained by eating the fruit regularly. The fruit is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and most importantly the fruit dyes (phytochemicals) as an antioxidant.

Fruit is a tool for detoxification and provider of natural sugar. When eaten in the right way, then the fruit will be very beneficial to the human body. Eat 3 servings of fruit each day can cleanse your body of toxins and helps the digestive system.

Then when to eat fruit that is correct, before or after meals?

"Our digestive system has been created to perfection. So eat the fruit may at any time, either before or after meals," Dr. Samuel Oetoro, SpG.K., clinical nutritionist FKUI-RSCM, in the article ever written detikHealth.

If you do not have a stomach problem, then eat fruit before a meal will give the best results. This will make the nutrients in the fruit will be more absorbed by the body.

For people who want to lose weight, eat fruit should be done before meals, for the stomach feel full faster.

But for people with certain diseases such as gastritis or ulcer, you should eat fruit after meals so as not to increase stomach acid.

Here are some tips on the correct way to eat fruit for maximum benefits to the body, as reported by Lifemojo:

  1. Eating fruit on an empty stomach. This will make the absorption by the body to a maximum fruit.
  2. After eating the fruit, give a grace period of 30 minutes before you eat other foods.
  3. If you want to eat fruit after a meal, then you should wait about 3 hours before eating fruit. This is to ensure that the food had previously been digested by the body before the fruit enters the body.
  4. Try to eat fruit in the morning. This helps to increase blood sugar slowly and not in a hurry. Because the digestive system have been silent all night, eating fruit is a gentle way of restarting in the morning.
  5. Do not eat the fruit along with other foods
  6. Eating fruit as a dessert does not give the best results for body
  7. Eat organic fruits to avoid the effects of pesticides remaining
  8. Avoid canned fruit, frozen fruit or fruit that has been processed. The fruits that are processed normally contain much sugar, preservatives or other chemical additives are not desired.


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